Meet Our Team

Here at Wellspring, the practitioner and patient relationship serves as the foundation from which care begins.

Each person is given unique, personalized care. Our medical practice utilizes evidence-based methods proven to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, while remaining attentive to the whole person.

 We draw from our center,
from our well,
and let our care
flow and spring outward
as our individual service to the world.

- Constance Trollan, Founder

Constance Trollan

Constance Trollan, ARNP, RNC

Constance Trollan, ANP and Owner, started Wellspring in 1990. She sought to render the Juneau community an integrated model of health care focusing on the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of wellness. Throughout her nursing she has focused on person-centered care, rather than on a simple pathology to be diagnosed, treated or rehabilitated. She also emphasizes the teaching of health care practices as a means of preventing disease and illness. Constance is a major proponent of Reiki care - a therapy for restoring harmony within the body’s energy centers to prevent disease, balance energy and reduce stress. Constance has also served as a senior nurse consultant for Project Hope in Romania and as the international director for Help the Children of Romania. She currently oversees a family parish program in Oradea, Romania which feeds the poor in the parish and provides necessary household items. Constance was awarded the Nurse Practitioner of the year award in 2008 by the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association.
Tamar Boyd

Tamar Boyd, Ph.D.

Tam earned her Master’s of Psychology in 2007 from Goddard College, and her Doctorate of Psychology from Walden University in 2016. Her field of research is Positive Psychology with a focus on mindfulness and motivation, though her expertise is in self-determination and personal growth initiative. Her area of interest is Women’s Psychology, with a specialization in life-span transitions (ex: transition to motherhood, menopause, empty nest, retirement, aging, and more). In 2001, Tam began studying yoga and meditation, and experienced ashram living when she acquired her certification to teach Ananda Yoga. Before moving to Juneau in 2010, she taught yoga and established a holistically minded private psychotherapy practice in Vermont.  Applying her expertise in Psychology, Tam introduces clients to interventions and methodologies proven to elevate one’s daily life experience, and assist in smoothly maneuvering life’s challenges and changes.
Joanna Goldman

Joanna Goldman, ARNP, CNM

Having earned her nursing degree at the University of Washington in 1982, Joanna went on to work at the Bartlett Regional Hospital from 1982 to 1992 in the obstetrics department. Beginning in 1994, Joanna received a Master of Science and nurse-midwifery certification from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Returning to Juneau in 1997 she helped to establish the Juneau Family Birth Center before beginning work at Wellspring as a nurse-midwife and advanced nurse practitioner. Currently Joanna provides full scope Well-Woman care for all ages.
Patrick Neary

Patrick Neary, ND

Graduating from Bastyr College in 1993, Patrick Neary earned a degree in naturopathic medicine with specialty courses in homeopathic medicine, Naturopathic midwifery and a certificate program in counseling. Practicing as a Naturopathic doctor in family medicine for the past 21 years in Juneau, he offers natural relief of acute and chronic health conditions. He provides allergy testing, herbal, nutritional, homeopathic, lifestyle counseling, hypnosis, meditation and musculoskeletal therapies. Patrick provides wellness enhancement as well as disease treatment.
Saralyn Tabachnick

Saralyn Tabachnick, LPC

Receiving her Master’s of Education from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982, Saralyn has since worked with child and adult survivors of trauma. In 1987 she began work at AWARE, Inc in Juneau. She has continued working with AWARE and is proud to be a part of the services they provide. Back in 1992, Saralyn began studying yoga and meditation, which has helped her to gain greater self awareness and thus has brought her closer to others. Over the course of the last 15 years, she has been studying healing and energy work with Bart ten Berge (Director of Chashymie) and the Dutch Center for Spiritual Healing, human development, classical homeopathy and bereavement counseling in the Netherlands. Saralyn gets great joy in working with others and getting to know you better.
**** Wellspring is currently seeking a like-minded Physician and Family Nurse Practitioner.  If you are interested in joining the Wellspring family, please contact us. 
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